LOST TOWN is a dramatic project designed to explain the impact of coastal erosion and the forces of nature which control it. By rebuilding the lost church of medieval Walton as a steel sculpture, the project aims to create a unique landmark, commemorating the East of Englands lost towns while  letting visitors experience the history of the place.


Explain the impact of coastal erosion

Give people a feeling for the forces of nature which control the region

Commemorate the lost towns and the lost land of the East of England


Rebuild the lost church of medieval Walton as a sculpture in the sea.

A symbolic structure at the site were  - some hundered years ago – was land.


Every medieval town or village had a church. They were major buildings and landmarks - Sailors used the towers as navigation aid. We use the church not in its religious sense but as a symbol for a settlement.  How to turn a church into a marine sculpture? The sculpture has the generic shape and the size of a medieval church with a tower and a nave. It has the characteristics of a medieval church like columns and verticality.


It represents something that once was real and is now gone. We wanted to give it an unreal, ghostly look.

Therefore, it is composed of an addition of one simple element:
A steel pile. The sculpture consists of 41 piles of different lengths with a diameter of 70 cm.

The degree of transparency changes according to the position of the spectator. From different viewpoints, e. g. walking along the beach, it looks like a closed volume, or you can look through and see the horizon.

Another reason for the use of piles comes from a technical point of view: Wind and waves can pass through.
The sculpture will have to withstand the same enormous forces that are constantly eroding the cliffs.


The piles are made of stainless steel which resists sea water and protects against corrosion. By polishing, they become a highly reflecting surface.

The reflecting surface adopts the colours of the surroundings:
The appearance of the sculpture will change according to sunlight and weather condition. The sun and the ocean become part of the artwork.

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